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Health Begins at the Breast

Recent Breastfeeding Story from a family in our community: 

"I had a wonderful experience working with Pam and would recommend her to any new mama. Despite my determination to breastfeed, there were some initial challenges and Pam was immediately responsive when I reached out. She was very helpful troubleshooting and always made herself available to chat. My baby is almost 1 month old and we are breastfeeding with confidence now. Not only am I pleased with the outcome, but the process was equally positive. " ~ Christine Leduc


Who I Am

Breastfeeding Clinical Specialist Registered Nurse (RN)

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Breastfeeding is an experience unique for each parent-baby pair and may require specialized breastfeeding support to help each family meet their feeding goals. Pamela Drynan is specialized in clinical breastfeeding support with many years experience with prenatal breastfeeding education. She has been caring for families in our community for over 16 years, caring for the prenatal family, newborns, older babies, toddlers, and children up to their teens. Pamela has maternity nursing experience that allows her to truly understand your journey and meet your needs. Pamela is a trained positive parenting clinician that understands the importance of parent-child attachment. Pamela also specializes with hands-on experience of helping families promote healthy growth and development during the early years. 
Pamela has lived her whole life in Northern Ontario and understands the northern community and the services available. 
Pamela is very passionate about helping families breastfeed their babies and children while making connections with the family that influence positive health outcomes. And of course, She LOVES babies! 
Connect with Pamela today to find out how she can benefit your family today.

My Services

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Pregnancy is a special journey for families, and is a valuable time to learn about the special baby growing inside of you. Schedule your educational sessions to obtain the knowledge on the amazing gift of breast milk, infant feeding practices related to breastfeeding, and skills that increase your confidence and prepare you to feed your baby. 

Session One involves a personal health history, personalized breastfeeding goals development, education on the wonders of breastfeeding, and important key information that help you get breastfeeding off to a good start. This session develops the relationship between the clinician and the family.

Session Two builds on the knowledge you gained in Session One and helps you develop the various skills and techniques for feeding your baby and getting breastfeeding off to a good start. This session continues to build the relationship between the clinician and the family to build trust so you feel confident that the education and support you receive from Timmins Lactation Services is good enough for your baby on the way.

Service Fee: $150

2 in home sessions

Each Session is about 75 minutes

Initial Lactation Assessment

Breastfeeding is an experience unique for each mother-baby pair and may require a specialized breastfeeding consultation to help each family meet their infant feeding goals. I offer in-home services that include a thorough assessment of the mother-baby pair, skilled clinical support to meet the family's needs, individualized breastfeeding plan, ongoing evaluation of the lactation journey. I also provide coaching via messaging for about a week after our visit, providing support and encouragement.

Service fee:

$175 for baby younger than 4 months (90 mins)

$105 for baby older than 4 months (60 mins)

Follow-up Lactation Assessment

After working closely with your family,  and  a creating breastfeeding plan specific to your family's needs, it is important to offer ongoing support home visits. Some visits will be brief, while others are longer to ensure that the breastfeeding pair receives optimal professional care and support to meet your infant feeding goals. I provide a few days of breast-feeding coaching to help you achieve the recommendations discussed during the visit. 

Service fee:

$45-$90 for 45-90 mins

****Virtual options available****

Gift Certificates Available!



All Gift Certificates come with a Discount so you can give your loved ones the Gift of Clinical Support knowing you are saving money!

Timmins Lactation Services offers Gift Certificates so you can share the gift of support, education, and health with your loved one. All clients receive ongoing messaging support for a week to help families with their breastfeeding plan and to encourage the family during their breastfeeding journey. 

Package One: $320 (Savings of $50)

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Sessions (2)

Initial Lactation Assessment Home Visit

One Follow up visit x45 mins 

Package Two: $285 (Savings of $40)

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Sessions (2) 

Initial Lactation Assessment Home Visit

Contact me via email to set up purchase of the Gift Certificate at OR

text 705-262-3018

Smiling Baby

"Someone blessed me with a gift certificate for Timmins Lactation Services while I was pregnant with my third child.  I struggled to nurse my two first children and wanted so badly to have a success story this time around.  From the moment I met Pamela, I felt comfortable in her presence.  Her calm and supportive approach gave me the confidence I lacked  as I approached breastfeeding entirely differently than I had in the past.  The wealth of knowledge she had to share and her genuine support for my goals has finally helped me achieve a successful breastfeeding story!"

Celine Butler

"For as long as I could remember, when the thought of having kids came to mind, I always pictured myself breastfeeding my babies. However, the exhaustion that came along with a difficult delivery made breastfeeding very challenging to me. I always thought breastfeeding would be simple and come naturally to me, but it didn't, and I was devastated. When we got home from the hospital, I realized that breastfeeding was something I really wanted to try again but knew I would need some support. We were able to set a visit with Pamela the following day (which quickly reassured this new momma that help was on the way). After the first visit, I regained the hope that I had lost at the hospital that it was not too late to breastfeed our baby - I was so happy. Pamela was very knowledgeable, patient, and thorough with her visits. She brought visual aids to ensure our understanding along with great resources that we still refer to 3 months later.  Calling Pamela was definitely the best decision for us. Everyday I feel blessed that I am able to breastfeed our daughter which would not have been possible without the support we received from Timmins Lactation Services. Thank you!"

Angel Cossette

"I was so lucky to have had Pam's assistance with not only my first child, but my second as well. I know without her by my side, there is no way that I would have stuck with it. With her help, I successfully nursed my first born for 15 months, who in the beginning was a slow weight gainer. Pam contacted me after every doctor's appointment and she helped me with my breastfeeding plan. She was so supportive, even when I was close to giving up. Now, here I am once again on an amazing breastfeeding journey with my second child, 10 months and going strong. Pam is knowledgeable, compassionate, a great support system, and always there for reassurance. She is the best, and will be there for you in whichever way you need her. Fed is best, and that is her expertise!"

Shannon Richard

After my daughter was born she was losing too much weight. Nursing was a challenge as she wasn’t latching properly and I was very close to giving up on breastfeeding all together. I contacted Pam who came over the very next day (which happened to be Christmas Day!) to help us. I instantly felt comfortable with her and in a short time not only was she able to diagnose the issue, but she also made several suggestions which completely turned everything around for us. 

Pam is extremely knowledgeable and supportive which is exactly what a first time mom needs! She followed up with me several times to ensure that things are going well.  Additionally, Pam is  always available for advice and information. I am so grateful for all of her help and would recommend Pam in a heartbeat!

-Scott, Faheema, & Amaya, 2018/9

Scott, Faheema, & Amaya