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Timmins Lactation Services provides Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Sessions and Clinical help to feed your Baby. 

Give the Gift of Health to your Loved Ones. 


Meet Pamela Drynan

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding is an experience unique for each parent-baby pair and may require specialized breastfeeding support to help each family meet their feeding goals. Pamela is a Registered Nurse (RN) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who is specialized in clinical breastfeeding support and experienced with prenatal breastfeeding education. She has been caring for families in our community for over 13 years, with professional experience of caring for the prenatal family, newborns, older babies, toddlers, and children up to their teens. Pamela has maternity nursing experience that allows her to truly understand your journey and meet your needs. Pamela is a trained positive parenting clinician that understands the importance of parent-child attachment. Pamela also specializes with hands-on experience of helping families promote healthy growth and development during the early years. 

Pamela has lived her whole life in Northern Ontario and understands the northern community and the services available. It's  exciting for Timmins to have comprehensive breastfeeding education and results-based lactation support from a well-trained and skilled specialist of infant feeding and maternal-child care.

Pamela is very passionate about helping families breastfeed their babies and children while making connections with the family that influence positive health outcomes. And of course, She LOVES babies! 

Connect with Pamela today to find out how she can benefit your family today. 


Why Hire an IBCLC?

It can help with


Latching can be like a puzzle, moms and babies learning to fit together. Learn how to get baby to latch deeply to avoid sore nipples and to help baby get the all the milk he needs.


So many different ways to feed your baby! Learn about positioning your baby so breastfeeding is more comfortable for both mom and baby.

Milk Supply

Many families worry about too little milk. Learn how to get breastfeeding off to a good start, how to recognize baby is eating enough, and what do do if baby needs more. Some families struggle with too much milk which can make feeding baby difficult. Learn techniques to balance milk supply and flow. 

Healthy Weight Gain for Infant

Babies naturally loose weight in the first few days, and then start gaining as milk volume increases. Learn about healthy weight gain, normal growth patterns, growth spurts, and what to do if baby needs to gain a little more weight. 

Sore Nipples/Breasts

Ouch! Sore nipples can be a common concern for moms, but with the right help, painful breastfeeding can be prevented. Once they are sore, there are treatments to encourage healing.

Confidence with Feeding your Baby

Feeding your baby is one of the first decisions you make for your baby. For many moms, this may be scary while at the same time so exciting. Many moms worry about whether they are doing things right. Learn about breastfeeding and gain confidence with the power of knowledge, that you are doing AMAZING!



“It all started when I received a gift card for Timmins Lactation Services at my baby shower. As a first time mother, I thought to myself "What a great idea! This gift is so practical!" I met with Pamela numerous times through my journey of becoming a mother. She put my mind at ease and boosted my confidence by educating me on feeding my baby and ensuring he was healthy. When my sweet boy was born, he did not latch as easily as I thought he would but with Pamela's help, we found a way! I was amazed, her knowledge and her perseverance changed our experience completely. She always was available to answer questions via text messages, phone calls, or in person. Even when we chose to go with plan B, which was pumping instead, she totally supported our decision and offered follow ups to ensure that our baby was happy and healthy. She also comforted my husband and I through our challenges. I highly recommend these services as it changed our family forever!”

— Jenn Trochimchuk


Services Offered

Prenatal Education Sessions

Pregnancy is a special journey for families, and is a valuable time to learn about the special baby growing inside of you. Schedule an educational home visit to gain knowledge on the amazing gift of breast milk, infant feeding practices related to breastfeeding, as well as hands on experience to prepare you for when your precious baby arrives.

Service Fee: $95 for both

Two Education Sessions 75mins each 

 & a Hand Expression Kit

Initial Breastfeeding Visit

Breastfeeding is an experience unique for each mother-baby pair and may require a specialized breastfeeding consultation to help each family meet their infant feeding goals. I offer in-home services that include a thorough assessment of the mother-baby pair, skilled clinical support to meet the family's needs, individualized breastfeeding plan, ongoing evaluation of the lactation journey. I also provide coaching via messaging for about a week after our visit. I am there for you and your family.

Service fee: $165

Visit is about 90 -120 mins & Includes Resources to Help with Breastfeeding

After working closely with your family,  and  a creating breastfeeding plan specific to your family's needs, it is important to offer ongoing support home visits. Some visits will be brief, while others are longer to ensure that the breastfeeding pair receives optimal professional care and support to meet your infant feeding goals. I provide a few days of breast-feeding coaching to help you achieve the recommendations discussed during the visit. 

Service fee: $45-$75

for 45-75 mins

Follow up Support Visits

Older Baby Initial Visits

Breastfeeding is an ongoing journey for Mother and Baby. Just as life has ups and downs, so can the breastfeeding experience. Sometimes Mother's have concerns about their milk supply, baby weight gain, baby's feeding behaviour's, plugged ducts, weaning, introducing solids, menses returning, planning for another child, biting, returning to work, and so on. I conduct a thorough lactation assessment and develop a plan that works for you and baby specifically and provide helpful health education to help you and baby progress continue your breastfeeding journey, even if that journey is to find an ending. I provide a few days of breastfeeding coaching to help you achieve the recommendations discussed during the visit. 

Service Fee: $95 for about 60 mins

Save on Packages

Timmins Lactation Services offers Gift Certificates so you can share the gift of support, education, and health with your loved one. All clients receive ongoing messaging support for a few weeks to help families with their breastfeeding plan and to encourage the family during their breastfeeding journey. 

Package One: $285

Prenatal Education Home Visit

Initial Lactation Assessment Home Visit

One Follow up visit x45 mins 

Package Two: $245

Prenatal Education Home Visit 

Initial Lactation Assessment Home Visit

*Receive a discount when purchasing two or more visits.

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