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  • Pamela Drynan

Creating Social Media as an IBCLC

Helping a baby latching - Check

Helping mom express her milk - Check

List the various health benefits of breastmilk - Check

Rock a baby to sleep - Check

Creating Instagram posts - X

Understanding hashtags - X

Getting a private practice business noticed on the Web - X

I am an educated healthcare professional that feels like a preschooler online trying to help promote my practice and services (I bet a preschooler could run circles around me when its comes to Instagram lol). I am redesigning my webpage to declutter the content. I have always wanted to start a blog too, so I chose a webpage template that included Blog section. And now I must blog - and I have to share this initial experience as it's all I can think about. My kids want my attention as I do this - so I provide a Chromebook so he can be like mommy and work ;-)

I must be patient. (Not my strong suit). Take my time and learn. Listen to some YouTube videos on social marketing. Read some content on other Blogs......

OK, Blog edit - Can't figure out how to add image to Icon (and this is my third webpage I have designed so I know some stuff) - but I can't edit the image!!!! Bah. NVM now - gotta go feed my son.

I've got this. I think ;-)

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