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Lactation Consultation and Education

Pregnant Woman by Birch

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Pregnancy is a special journey for families, and is a valuable time to learn about the special baby growing inside of you. Schedule your educational sessions to obtain the knowledge on the amazing gift of breast milk, infant feeding practices related to breastfeeding, and skills that increase your confidence and prepare you to feed your baby. 

Session One involves a personal health history, personalized breastfeeding goals development, education on the wonders of breastfeeding, and important key information that help you get breastfeeding off to a good start. This session develops the relationship between the clinician and the family.

Session Two builds on the knowledge you gained in Session One and helps you develop the various skills and techniques for feeding your baby and getting breastfeeding off to a good start. This session continues to build the relationship between the clinician and the family to build trust so you feel confident that the education and support you receive from Timmins Lactation Services is good enough for your baby on the way.

Service Fee: $150

2 in home sessions

Each Session is about 75 minutes

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Initial Lactation Assessment

Breastfeeding is an experience unique for each mother-baby pair and may require a specialized breastfeeding consultation to help each family meet their infant feeding goals. I offer in-home services that include a thorough assessment of the mother-baby pair, skilled clinical support to meet the family's needs, individualized breastfeeding plan, ongoing evaluation of the lactation journey. I complete an infant oral assessment to assess for any oral anatomy that may be impacting breastfeeding.

 I also provide coaching via messaging for about a week after our visit, as well as a brief follow up phone call.These extra contacts after our home visit/initial contact allow for me to continue to provide the support and encouragement for you to reach your breastfeeding dreams.

Service fee:

$175 for baby younger than 4 months (90 mins)

$105 for baby older than 4 months (60 mins)

Travel fee to Iroquois Falls, Matheson, Ramore, Cochrane, Foleyet:



Follow up consultations

After working closely with your family,  and  a creating breastfeeding plan specific to your family's needs, it is important to offer ongoing support home visits. Some visits will be brief, while others are longer to ensure that the breastfeeding pair receives optimal professional care and support to meet your infant feeding goals. I provide a few days of breast-feeding coaching to help you achieve the recommendations discussed during the visit.


Service fee: 

$45-$90 for 45-90 mins

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